Travel information

Traveling with shinken

In Poland no law forbids one to travel with a sharp sword if you use it for budo practice.
Nevertheless there can be questions asked during custom or police control.
Please note that we will be sending confirmation letters to your team managers which should make your travel smoother.

How to get there?

By plane

Zawiercie is conveniently located near to two airports:
Katowice Pyrzowice (KTW) / ~30 minutes
Kraków Balice (KRK) / ~1 hour 10 minutes

From the airports you can either rent a car or use a public transport. Please refer to sections "By train" and "By bus" below for further details.

If your team is coming by plane and you would like to receive some help with organizing local transport please contact us at: our mail address. We will be happy to help you!

By train

It's easy to access Zawiercie by train going from Katowice to Zawiercie's main station.
Address of Katowice main station can be found under following link.
Trains schedule on the other hand can be found here: Trains schedule.

You can get from Katowice airport to Katowice train station by bus, details can be found below.

By bus

Bus transport can be easily used to get from Kraków (KRK) and Katowice (KTW) airports to Katowice main station.
There is no single bus company that can be used but one of the you can use can be found here: Leo Express.

Direct access from airports by public bus can be slightly tricky and we don't recomend that way.

By car

Zawiercie has a good access from Polish highways network (marked 'A'). Please note that most 'A' signed roads are tolled. Speed limits are 140KM/H on motorways, 120KM/H on high speed roads and 50KM/H in the cities.

Address of the venue and hotel can be found here: Location