XXV European Iaido Championships Android/iOS Application

XXV European Iaido Championships Application can be found on iTunes and Google Play under “EIC 2018”.

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Application has three levels of users: 

1. User. Access to information about location, schedule, participants, partners, sponsors and organizers.

2. Competitor. Access to above and information about fights: with who, when and where.

3. Team Manager: Access to above and information about all fights of all competitors in the team as well as all team matches.

Please check below for short instruction how to move around application!

User view

First view after you open application, available to all people who will download it.


Login and password has been provided to compatitors through team managers.

Competitor view

In competitor view you can check your next fight on main screen by clicking basic information visible in the middle of the screen. You can also check your following fights by clicking icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Detailed view

In this view you can see: your individual fights under 'Fights', your team fights (if you're part of the team) under 'Team fights' and fights of all your colleagues as well as team fights (if you're a team manager) under 'Team'. If you want to get information about specific person's fights just click on their photo.